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iProPal creates a fantastic experience for both parties involved in the project. Its simple & intuitive. At iProPal we have created a highly efficient flow for posting a job to hiring a freelancer and managing your payments. "Smart match" makes sure that you find the best fit for your project requirements. All your payments are secure via iProPal Safepay.

"Smart Match" helps you to get the finest freelancers

Your project is not just a list of deadlines. It's a dynamic combination of tech, people and business. iProPal helps you find the right people to get the work done. "Smart Match" as the name suggests, intelligently matches your project requirements of skills, time and budget to the best fit. That means, less hassle in going through all the screening process. Less time spent and hence less money wasted. There's nothing to do but post a job and see the smart matched freelancer profiles.

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Find the best match for your product requirements and budget. Take a look at the talent pool.

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The iProPal Advantage for Clients

The Absolute Safest, Most Flexible and Cost-Effective PlacePost your first job To Recruit, Hire, Manage and Pay Talent Globally.

Curated Freelancers
All our freelancers are professionally tested through HackerEarth coding challenge.

Hire the best smartly
No need to go through bulk of proposals to find the best. Proposals shown in order of smart match ranking.

Post job free of cost
Post job for free and pay 99$ (iProPal charges) only if you hire .


The iProPal Advantage for Freelancers

The Absolute Safest, Most Flexible and Cost-Effective Place To Recruit, Hire, Manage and Pay Talent Globally.

Smart Matched Jobs
Create your Smart Profile in 2-minutes and instantly see the matching Jobs.

Best chance to get hired
If you are the best match for a job,your proposal is shown first to the client.

Flat 8% per contract
Freelancers pay flat 8% per contract as iProPal fees!

Discover infinite possibilities

Maximize your opportunities, without barriers. Promote your skills and get hired.

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We are thrilled that iProPal - Platform for Remote IT Teams managed by #ALLPS has been selected by #CIOReviewIndia as one of the '10 Most Promising #HR_Tech_Startups - 2021'. A highly curated platform to hire and manage remote IT teams.

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