How it works

How it works for Clients

iProPal works around the principle of valuing your trust, time and money

Post a Job
Post a job on iPropal for your project and instantly check the smart matched freelancers according to your job requirements.

Select freelancer
You can hire from the smart matched list of freelancers recommended by iPropal or from the proposals you receive on your job listing. All our freelancer profiles are approved only after pre-verification of their portfolio and hackerearth coding challenge.

Pay when you are satisfied
For hourly jobs,check timesheets,snapshots of work reported by freelancer and pay by the hour(weekly cycle) For fixed type jobs, initiate a milestone by making an upfront deposit (refundable) of milestone amount to iProPal Safepay. Check your invoices and pay by using PayPal account or Credit card only when satisfied with freelancer´s work.

Post your first job

How it works for freelancers

iProPal is a great place to find more clients, and to run and grow your own freelance business.

Create your smart profile
Create your Smart Profile and instantly check the matching jobs.

Portfolio Verification
Add your previous projects to your portfolio. Once your portfolio is verified, you can take HackerEarth coding challenge.

HackerEarth Coding Challenge
Take the coding challenge in at least one of your expert skills for your profile to be activated. Once your profile is activated, you can start applying for jobs.

Complete the job and get paid
When client accepts work, your payment will be processed. You'll be paid weekly for hourly contracts and at the end of milestone when its a fixed price contract.

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