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5 Tips to hire the best IT freelancing team from any part of the world

Shahana Ginwala Apr 27, 2019

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Are you seeking to create a successful freelancing team? We have come up with a few insights to help you get ready to find and hire a IT freelancer who’s the right fit for your project.

Understand why and for what you’re hiring them:

  • Define the project requirements
  • Understand the skills required and help freelancer determine if they’re a good fit or not
  • Keep clarity of the goals and the deliverables you expect
  • Define how the freelancer will collaborate with your company

It is a good practice to map out in as much detail as possible what you’re engaging them in – including the deliverables, timeline, and payment schedule. This will be helpful for both you and the freelancer.

Hire freelancers from different time zones for a competitive advantage

When you are hiring a freelancer, don’t let a different time zone be a disqualifier. Having the increased coverage of someone working when you are sleeping can boost productivity. You can handle bugs or crash faster, and respond to customer service inquiries in real – time.

Try Interviewing by video for a more “Face to Face” feel

Face time is always the best way to meet a freelancer and really get a feel for what it would be like working with them. Having someone you feel comfortable with could be the difference between good and great work.

Agree on terms and then work up a contract

In the contract, be sure to include

  • What work the freelancer will deliver and when
  • If the project is fixed-price or hourly
  • When and how will payments will be made
  • Milestones and when should they be met

One thing you should remember about freelancers is that you are not their only employer. Freelancers most of the time have more than one employer, meaning they have to juggle between the deadlines. Before you commit on the work with the freelancer, make sure to ask whether they will be able to deliver within your set timelines. This will help them to synchronize their work according to the deadlines.

Make use of freelance marketplaces

Online marketplaces like iProPal helps you to connect to the best freelancer according to your feasibility. The main advantage of getting freelancers on iProPal is that you are likely to get the best talent based on the type of job that you have. You’ll also have a long list of candidates from which you can choose.

At iProPal, we believe that freelancers can be a cost saver to your business, but if hired incorrectly, they can be a liability.

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