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9 Tips to Get Your First IT Freelance Job in iProPal

iProPal Admin Mar 5, 2018

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9 Tips to Get Your First IT Freelance Job in iProPal

iProPal is one of the latest platforms for IT freelancers. It offers an opportunity for IT freelancers to work on some great projects at considerable remuneration.

To get started on iProPal, all you have to do is visit the website and create a Smart profile. You will be instantly matched to several jobs.

You can get started once you upload your portfolio. The portfolio is verified by the iProPal portal. Once the approval is complete, you can apply for different projects. For hourly contracts, you get paid every week, and for long-term projects, payment is processed after a milestone.

Here are some tips to land your first IT freelance job on a portal like iProPal.

Find out your niche

One of the most important aspects of freelancing is to find your niche. Focus on that one area of the field you would like to break into and make progress. Focus on an area where you are sure you can establish yourself as an expert.

Add to your portfolio

One of the most important things to note when registering as a freelancer at iProPal is that the website follows a system of pre-verification in which your portfolio is verified against your previous work. So the higher the quality of the work you can show, the better is your chances of finding some great projects at iProPal.

If you happen to be a fresher, create opportunities for yourself. Maybe start a blog, join a forum, and so on.

Be professional

While uploading your photo on iProPal, it is important to look professional. Selfies and colourful backgrounds do not give out a professional vibe. Try to upload a photo against a plain background and one in which your face is clearly visible.

Submitting the right proposal

The proposal you submit to an employer is among the factors that is used to help him or her to hire you for their project. Make sure that your proposal is specific and unique. Read through the work description carefully and address any relevant details in your proposal. The key to a good proposal is to make it short and brief.

Read the job description carefully

Do not jump to a project unless you have read through the job description. It is important to make sure that you can do justice to the project. Shoddy work can affect your reputation and this in turn can make it harder for you to find good projects.

Keep an optimal rate

At iProPal you are either paid weekly or at the end of a milestone. In either case, setting your rate can be quite confusing. If you happen to have a great portfolio and high recommendations, a slightly higher rate does not matter. But, if you are new then its best to charge as per industry standards. Once you build a reputation, you can easily charge slightly more.

Work for less price

If you are not landing any freelance jobs in the initial days, you can try to do some work for less price. Although it does not sound very appealing, working on a couple of projects for less price can build your portfolio and increase your rating.


Recommendations are among the most important things to land your first gig. If you have worked for other companies, it’s always a great idea to include their experience of working with you, their name, and the type of work you have done. Testimonials are a great addition to your portfolio and can go a long way in helping you land your first gig on iProPal.


Landing a freelance job on iProPal requires a lot of patience. Initially, you might find that your proposals are not getting much response. Wait patiently and meanwhile do what you can to enhance your portfolio, learn new skills like Big Data, Blockchain and Hyperledger.

If you haven't landed a gig even after two to three weeks, find out what's wrong and work on modifying it.

Some of the top jobs at iProPal are:  Software Developer, Skills - python and SPSS statistics  React Native Developer, Skills - IOS, Android and React Native  Senior Blockchain Developer Skills - Ethereum, Java and Python

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