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Adding a Timesheet entry in Hourly Contract

iProPal Admin Jan 8, 2018

A timesheet entry is the record of amount of work done by the freelancer with proof in an hourly contract.

Once an hourly contract is initiated, freelancer has to add timesheet entry according to the work he has done.

Following are the fields in a timesheet entry

  • When you started work - is the time when freelancer started working.
  • When you finished the work - is the time when freelancer stops working.
  • Note (optional) - In note a freelancer can describe the work he has completed within the particular timesheet entry.
  • Files - Freelancer can upload screenshots, files related to projects etc as a proof of work he has done.

Note: Freelancer can't add timesheets entry for the work going to be done in near future but can add for past days in case he/she forgets to update them on the day itself.

Note: Freelancer is going to be paid on the basis of hours he has added in timesheets but client has access to those timesheets as well. Freelancer would only be paid if client approves of his work.

Suggestion - Please add timesheet entry regularly and don't try to embezzle.

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