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Fees and Protection

iProPal Admin Jan 8, 2018

iProPal makes sure to provide exceptional security and protection for the fees paid by the clients for different types of contracts created on iPropal. Here is a guideline for the payments made by clients; and how iProPal protects them!

How iProPal Protects Payments by Clients:

iProPal is a safe, interactive and sophisticated platform, which provides protection for all the transactions made by the clients. From the upfront (iProPal safe pay deposit payment for a milestone) of 100% for fixed contracts which has to be paid by the clients to iProPal Safe Pay in order to secure the start of the work which has to performed by the freelancer, iProPal makes sure to connect clients directly to our trusted Payment Gateways – in order to create a transparent and highly secure transaction method. Here is how we protect you.

Hiring Freelancer:

Fixed Contract:

Hiring a freelancer is free of charge for users acting as clients on iProPal – the upfront payment of 100% of the contract value is kept in our trusted iProPal Safe Pay Systems until the milestone is successfully completed by a freelancer. The iProPal Safe Pay Down Payments are released once the client reviews the work and releases the money to the freelancer.

Hourly Contract:

Hiring a freelancer on an hourly contract is also an option provided here at iPropal. A client can bind a contract with a freelancer deciding the hourly wages that is feasible to the client as well as the freelancer. The client has to verify credit card in-order to initiate the contract. A small amount would be charged in this credit card verification process and would be adjusted when the first payment cycle is completed. The client would be charged on weekly basis depending on the number of hours the freelancer works and the amount would automatically be deducted from Client’s provided credit card.

NOTE: We’ll send an email notifications whenever a successful transaction is conducted or payment fails. In case of Payment Method failure from client’s side and no response from client’s side, the contract may be put on hold. It can be resumed when Payment Methods start working.

The client has to check freelancer’s Time Sheet which provides the details about freelancers hourly work. Client can ask for Screenshots of freelancers work in the Time Sheet. In case of hourly contract the client has to proactively check for freelancer’s work. The Final Amount to be paid by client is going to be calculated on the basis of freelancer’s Time Sheet.

We recommend to utilise all our provided features in the time-sheet to ensure that the Contract Ends in a smooth manner without disputes.


How Clients Pay?

Clients are given the opportunity to pay through a number of different methods, such as almost every other debit and credit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and many more. These payment systems have been chosen keeping in mind their outstanding record in best client payment protection and security. At iProPal, we make sure to give our clients a safe passage in order to pay for the work they get done by the hired freelancer.


To make sure that clients can track all the deposits they have made, to a number of different freelancers and on different dates, iProPal has a ‘Billing’ page, which allows you to get all the details you want about your deposits. This page provides you with a logs of transactions, including the total deposits which have been made till date, and a separated segment of each transaction made including days and the name of the freelancer to whom the transaction made out to.

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