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Getting Started as Freelancer

iProPal Admin Jan 4, 2018

Heartiest welcome if you have just signed up as a freelancer. We at iProPal are inclined towards getting you jobs that match your skill set and preferences.

There are multiple steps that you need to take in order to start sending proposals for jobs.

Complete Smart Profile:

  • Freelancer or IT-Provider - Select whether you're a freelancer or IT Service Provider.
  • Job Title - Add a job title to your smart profile.
  • Category - Select categories you're comfortable to work in. Eg. Mobile, web, etc.
  • Subcategory - Select subcategories related to categories entered.
  • Working Rates - Add your hourly charges in the preferred currency.
  • Available to Work - Add no of hours you can work per week.
  • Skills - Add your skills based on the level of expertise you have in them.
  • Why me? - Tell clients why they should hire you. Its okay to brag in this section, you can tell them what are your achievements and qualities that makes you a suitable hire.
  • Upload CV (Optional) - Upload your Resume/CV.
  • Change Profile Picture - Update your profile picture.
  • Profile Website - Add your website.

After completing your smart profile in your freelancer dashboard you can see a message and an Add Portfolio button or you can go to Update Profile > Portfolio Verification

Add Portfolio:

  • Project Name - Name of the project you did.
  • Skills - Skills used in the project.
  • Description - Short description of the project telling what it does, how it works.

Then you need to add client information

  • Name - Name of the client.
  • Email - Email of the client.
  • Website (Optional) - Website of the client or the project website itself (if the following project is publicly released).
  • Location - Location of the client.

An automated email will be sent to the provided client and your portfolio would go along a verification process. Once you have one or more verified projects, you can send proposals for a job.

Note: Please don't try to verify false projects. A team monitors these projects closely and false projects would be removed and may result in your profile ban.

The above two steps are an important aspect of your iProPal profile. Along with that you can also Add Education, Add Work Experience and Payout Methods.

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Nice Boy
My. Need more help
6 years ago

Nice Boy
My need more help
6 years ago