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How iProPal is Different From Other IT Freelance Marketplace Platforms

iProPal Admin Mar 3, 2018

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How iProPal is Different From Other IT Freelance Marketplace Platforms

iProPal is a platform for freelancers. But, unlike other online freelance platforms, iProPal is dedicated to the IT niche. At iProPal, you hire curated IT freelancers, meaning that the freelancers who work for you already undergo a rigorous selection process. This, in turn, ensures the quality of the work and efficiency in servicing clients.

Instead of having to hunt through a crowd of freelancers to find the right talent for your project, at iProPal you can get the best IT professionals to work on your project. iProPal purely focuses on creating opportunities for the IT sector.

Unlike other freelance portals, iProPal uses technology that can smart match the right individuals to the right projects. iProPal makes it a point to give the best work possible at reasonable prices. All freelancers chosen to work on your project are pre-verified. This means that your project will be meticulously executed from the beginning right to the very end. All the freelancers are verified based on the previous projects they have worked on.

You can find IT freelancers experienced in software development, web development, web designing, testing, and so on. Unlike other IT freelance platforms, iProPal is dedicated to assisting remote teams in the IT sector to develop high quality projects at the very best prices possible. iProPal works in the best interests of both the client and the freelancer.

iProPal for the client and the freelancer

Clients simply have to post their job on the iProPal portal. Once this is done, you can view a list comprising of a number of freelancers who are smart match specifically to suit the requirements of your project. This is a feature that is unique to iProPal. In addition to the freelancers recommended by the portal, you will also receive other proposals on your job listing. You can choose a freelancer from either of the two lists. All the freelancers in iProPal are selected on the basis of their portfolio.

When it comes to payment iProPal offers you flexibility unlike other portals. At iProPal, you can define milestones and view the progress of your project by asking a freelancer to report to you using snapshots or timelines and you can make payments either by the hour or by the week depending on your level of satisfaction with the work. If you are not content with the software for a given milestone you can ask for multiple revisions, you can release the payment for a milestone only when you are content with quality.

If you are looking for a long-term association, you can deposit a refundable advance into the iProPal Safepay. After the completion of the work, you can pay using a credit card or PayPal account only when you are completely satisfied with the project.

Freelancers can start by creating a smart profile on the iProPal portal and upload their portfolio. The portfolio will be verified and once your profile is approved, you will be matched to a number of different jobs. Choose a project according to your preferences. Freelancers get paid weekly for hourly projects. In case of a long-term project with a fixed price, payment will be processed after the project or certain milestones are completed.

We strive to create a trusted global IT freelance network thus helping customers to build IT solutions with the best quality professionals at best price in a smart way.

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