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How to Pay for Jobs

iProPal Admin Jan 8, 2018

Although iProPal makes sure that you can connect through to our specified API’s directly, we do provide payment channels. At iProPal, we make sure that clients get a number of different methods offered through which they can pay the freelancers for completing contracts.

Here are some of the most common payment methods which clients can use in order to pay freelancers for their work.

Payment Process & Options:

Upfront Deposit for a milestone in Fixed Contract:

The first transaction a client makes is the upfront iProPal Safe Pay deposit of 100% for first milestone, which is always paid at the time of initiating the contract with freelancer. This upfront deposit is kept safe in the iProPal Safe Pay System until the milestone is completed. After the milestone has been completed, client releases the money from Safe Pay into the freelancer’s account.

Hourly Payment for a week in Hourly Contract:

In Hourly Contract client has to verify his/her credit card first. If Hourly Prepaid is selected while initiating the contract then a week's advance would be charged at the time of contract initiation otherwise a weekly billing cycle would run charging client's credit card based on timesheet entries provided by the freelancer. Money is released after a specific amount of time from iProPal Safe Pay to Freelancer's Account which provides client to review the work done by freelancer and in case of any discrepancy client can raise a dispute against work done by freelancer.This makes sure that the client is fully satisfied with the work received from the freelancer.

Payment Methods:

Credit & Debit Cards:

The first payment method provided by iProPal is the payment via credit or debit card, a big variation of credit and debit card providers are accepted. This includes the Master Card, Visa Card and any other card falling in that category.



PayPal is globally known and is soon to become partners with iProPal in helping clients carry out their transactions from anywhere in the world. PayPal is widely used to make transactions internationally and will soon be available to clients using iProPal.

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