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Interview Request

iProPal Admin Jan 6, 2018

After shortlisting a freelancer for a job, client may decide to take an interview to determine which freelancer is the most suitable candidate for the job.

To view scheduled interviews go to Jobs > Interviews

  • Once an interview is scheduled by the client, it is shown in the Interviews panel.
  • Freelancer has an option to reschedule an interview if the time provided by the client is not suitable.
  • Once an interview is completed it may be marked as done by either freelancer or the client.

An interview is an important part of the selection process for client as it helps to establish the most suitable candidate for the job. Please prepare for the interview and remember to be on the scheduled time.

Suggestion: Make a calendar entry with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar which would help you to be on time.

Note: You receive an email when an interview is scheduled, rescheduled or marked as done for a job.

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