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iProPal Payment Terms

iProPal Admin Jan 8, 2018

iProPal has a list of terms and conditions, especially related to the payment procedures. Here is a brief introduction to the payment terms of clients when hiring freelancer.

Client Charges for Hiring Freelancer:

  • The client accepts the service fee during contract initiation.
  • The client triggers the initial payment after the freelancer accepts the contract.
  • The client deposits 100% of the amount for a milestone and releases the money to freelancer after work has been reviewed successfully. 
  • In case of hourly client is charged on the weekly basis according to the timesheet entries provided by freelancer. 
  • The client releases the payment from iProPal Safe Pay System after reviewing the work.
  • iProPal provides safe and secure payment terms and conditions to clients. However, in order to get full understanding of iProPal’s payment terms, refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ page.
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