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Send Proposal for a Job

iProPal Admin Jan 4, 2018

In order to send proposal for a job on iProPal, you need to verify your portfolio first for one or more projects.

After Portfolio Verification:

  • Go to Jobs > Smart Jobs and select a job you'd like to send proposal for.
  • A dialog box for sending proposal would appear.
  • Title - Provide a title to your proposal
  • Description - Add a description of what you're proposing.
  • Amount - Proposal amount decided by you to complete this job. (Note this job would be initiated on the amount proposed in this proposal if client decides to create a contract with you)
  • Agreeing to Terms and Conditions - Please read the terms and conditions of the platform and if you agree click on Send button in order to send proposal.

If Client finds your proposal interesting he might shortlist your proposal. After shortlisting he may or may not schedule an interview with you. If client finds you suitable for this job a Contract could be created against this Job.

Note: Please be reasonable while sending a proposal. Promoting a firm or a provider might get your profile banned from iProPal.

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