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Tips to hire the best WordPress Developer

Shahana Ginwala Jun 19, 2019

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WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) and blogging tool on the web. It helps you to quickly establish your presence online even when you don’t have a developer’s skills. Bloggers and business owners use WordPress a lot to showcase their work and find potential clients.

Aspects of a WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer must know how to make the most of the WordPress CMS. A WordPress developer must have a solid background in the web fundamentals: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the backend programming language PHP, and the database MySQL.

Here is step by step guide on hiring the best WordPress freelancer –

Write a crystal-clear job description:

List down the languages, tools, and expertise required to complete the project qualification.

Be clear in explaining what you want a WordPress developer to achieve and what level of skills and expertise they will require for it.

Define your scope of work

Define your work in a formal way for the freelancer to get the clarity. Some common projects can include:

  •         Building a custom WordPress theme for scratch
  •         Creating a custom WordPress plugin to add a unique feature to your site
  •         Setting up website analytics to understand your users
  •         Maintaining and managing the security of your site
  •         Improving the back-end performance of your site
  •         Estimating a timeline based on the work you want to be done is a great practice

How much does a WordPress developer cost?

Factors such as location, skills, and level of expertise all play a role in the rates they freelancers charge. Let’s check out some time estimates.



  • Landing Page

Time Estimate

  • One hour to 10+ hours

Variables Includes

  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • Is there any template to follow?



  • Simple WordPress site

Time Estimate

  • Five hours to 20+ hours, possibly over several weeks

Variables Includes

  • How many pages does the site include?
  • How much CSS theme customization is required?
  • What are the content, text, and images? Or does it need to pull data with more complicated parameters?
  • How many plugins do you need?



  • Custom site with theme and plugin integration/ ecommerce site

Time Estimate

  • Five hours to 100+ hours

Variables Includes

  • How much CSS theme customization is required?
  • How complex are the integrations?
  • How many plugins do you need to integrate?

Prioritize your budget focus on the specific languages and technologies you need.

Post your WordPress project on iProPal

After you have wrote an amazing WordPress job description and created a job description for your project. It’s time to post your project on iProPal.

Pick a title that not only identifies your need for a WordPress developer but also targets project specific technologies.

Shortlist and interview until you’ve found the perfect WordPress developer.

When you interview the WordPress developer don’t forget to ask specific interview questions and make sure they know these 5 things:

  •         JavaScript
  •         PHP
  •         SQL
  •         HTML.5
  •         Web Design

Post a job with iProPal today!

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