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What are Milestones in a Fixed Contract

iProPal Admin Jan 8, 2018

Milestones are the orderly tasks defined by the Client at the time of contract creation.

Once the amount is paid for a particular milestone, freelancer should start working on the same.

  • Milestones are created by clients and it divides your project into separate modules.
  • Once a milestone is created and paid for the milestone status is updated to in progress.
  • Once work is done by freelancer on a particular milestone, he/she has to mark the milestone as completed from the contract page of the job.
  • After a milestone has been marked as completed client will review the milestone and may ask for a revision, raise a dispute on the milestone or approve work submitted by the freelancer.
  • After approval of work client has the option to release money to freelancer.

Note: Until the money is released by client it would stay in iProPal safe pay. After release it would be in Available Balance in freelancer's account.

To check your earnings go to Workbook > Earnings

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