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What is a Contract on iProPal?

iProPal Admin Jan 6, 2018

A contract is created against a job when the client decides to award the job to a freelancer. To view your contracts, Workbook > Contracts.

If a client decides to award a job to a selected freelancer, he'd have to initiate the contract with the freelancer and freelancer would receive a request to accept contract. Note: Once the contract is initiated with a freelancer, it cannot be awarded to a different freelancer until unless the contract is deleted or contract request is rejected by freelancer.

1) Fixed Job

  • After freelancer accepts the contract request, client would now create milestones related to the job and pay for the initial milestone. Freelancer can now start working on the job as the amount for the initial milestone is now in iProPal safe pay and would be released after successful completion and acceptance by client.
  • Payment for each milestone is made one by one and according to the completion status of milestone the pay is moved into iProPal safepay. Note: Freelancer can transfer this amount to his/her Paypal account only after Amount is released by Client. (Client is satisfied by the work done)

2) Hourly Job

  • If job posted by a client has Hourly Prepaid tag it means that client is going to pay one week advanced payment on the basis of freelancer hourly charges and the no of hours required by the client.
  • If the job posted doesn't have Hourly Prepaid tag it means that the client is going to be charged after the completion of one week based on no of hours freelancer has worked and freelancer's hourly charges.
  • Once the payment method of client is verified, freelancer can start working. To check whether the client has verified the payment method or not, check the Contract Progression on contract page.
  • After verification of payment method by client, freelancer gets an option to upload timesheets and has to be updated as he works. Timesheets determine the no of hours freelancer has worked and has the functionality to upload screenshots of his progress.

Note: The Safepay amount and the available balance can be seen under Workbook > Earnings.

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