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Why remote work is the future of IT?

Shahana Ginwala Apr 13, 2019

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“A revolution in the workplace is taking place, and it’s for the best”

The increasing popularity of remote work and companies looking out for remote employees comes as no surprise as innovative technology makes telecommuting and virtual collaboration easier and more effective then ever before. Computer/IT industry currently ranks second in industries embracing remote working. As more and more highly specialized Tech professionals demand flexibility when it comes to their work schedule and location, majority of the IT companies have reconsidered their traditional policies.

Remote work isn’t just convenient for both employers and employees, but studies have shown that it is also more effective. As employer become more comfortable with the idea that simply having a body to fill a seat for the sake of doing so is no longer worth the expense, not is it effective in accomplishing goals.

While there are many reasons why business turn to remote workers, here are the top benefits of hiring remote IT/Tech professionals:

  • Access to unreachable talent: The most crucial and impactful benefit of hiring remote talent is the ability to access otherwise unreachable talent. Rather than paying to relocate a Tech expert to your area, save on those costs and instead hire them as a remote employee, expanding the reach of your talent nationally or even globally.
  • Boost creativity and productivity: It is proven that flexible hours and work locations can be more effective than meetings in driving innovation at your business.
  • Improved Employee Retention: Most remote workers report that they are more satisfied working from home. Retention rates are higher, HR costs are lower, and business that expand their remote work policies tend to experience more growth
  • Cut costs: Businesses can drastically cut down their costs, especially IT and Tech start-ups, by hiring remote teams rather than location teams. Remote employees often operate at lower rates than internal employees, which means more savings and better ROI.
  • Increase diversity in Tech: Remote working is a boon for working mothers and for women who takes breaks due to family commitments.

The rising trend of remote work at Tech companies shows no sign of slowing down. If you’re looking to add remote IT freelancers to your business then iProPal is the place. Post a job today at iProPal and we will take care of the rest!

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